How long have you been teaching?

How many pupils have you taught?

Have any of your pupils appeared in bands?

Do you teach for any professional bodies?

What’s the most requested song that pupils ask to learn?

How long before you can tell if somebody is talented?

Are there people who’s playing you cannot improve?

I began teaching professionally as a sole trader in January 1990.
Prior to that I had done some part time tuition in 'The Music Shed' music shop, in Newport.

As of 02/11/15 my pupils’ phone number book/database, in which they should all be recorded, shows 1,417 names, since 1989.


Yes, many of them have, but I’ve lost touch with a lot of people, so presumably there must be many more than I am aware of.
On the list below, I've noted in brackets the instrument on which I tutored that pupil, though due to some pupils playing more than one, in a few cases they may have played a different instrument in that band.
I’ve only really kept a record in recent years, but I do know for sure that people who have received tuition from me, whether it was long-term or short, have appeared in the following bands:

Addiction – Rohan Bishop (bass) and Neal Abraham (guitar).

AlfaZulu - Nick Young (bass).

Along The Line Of Ruin - Mark Richardson (guitar) and Rhys Madley (bass & guitar).

Amorpha – Barry Meacham (guitar).

Angels Fall To Flames - Chris Mahoney (guitar) and Rohan Bishop (bass).

Antimony - Michael Tennant (bass).

Asylum - Dan Fouweather (guitar).

Awaken – Rohan Bishop (bass).

Back Alley Sally - James Neye (guitar) and Dan Black (bass).

Beethoven - Matthew Abraham (guitar), Nick Moylan (guitar) and Joe Coote (bass).

Best Kept Secret – Tom Owen (guitar).

Big Mac's Wholly Soul Band - Martin Twine (guitar).

Black Casper – James Neye (guitar).

Blind Ambition - Gareth Knychla (guitar).

Carlton B. Morgan & The Supernormals - Sassy Hicks (bass).

Cash On Delivery - Matt Aylwin (guitar).

Cause For Concern – Dan Fouweather (guitar).

Chucawac - Martin Twine (guitar).

Cold Fusion – Chris Harding (bass).

Columbia - Paul Shepherd (guitar) and Shane Moran (bass).

Crimson Ruin - Stuart Fouweather (guitar).

Cue Ball & the Woolybacks - Nick Young (bass).

Death Of Cool – Gerwyn Hancock (guitar).

Double Six - Phil Honey (bass and guitar).

Dr. Agon – Russ Chambers (guitar).

Druid – Sam Pupich (guitar).

Dust - Paul Williams (guitar).

Elastica – Donna Matthews (guitar).

Elephant Fish - Amy Coltherd (guitar), Liz Kitson (guitar) and Jessica Haggerty (guitar).

Enzo- Luke Doherty (guitar).

Ever After – Andrew Dent (guitar).

Favourite Author - Mark Squire (guitar).

First Of The Stygian - James McDonald (bass).

First Step To Failure - Dan Morse (guitar).

Flyscreen - Dave Corten (guitar).

Free Peace Sweet - Chris James (bass).

FTMO (From This Moment On) – Gareth Jones (bass)

Futureplan - Mark Squire (guitar) and Chris Allison (guitar).

Goldfish– Peter Edwards (bass).

Got It Covered - Toby Evans (guitar).

Gracie – Marc Hill (guitar), Mike Brown (guitar) and Steve Cook (bass).

Headtest - Dave Corten (guitar).

H.L.D. (Hitler's Lost Daughter) – Dave Beer (guitar).

Honour Among None - Dave Beasley (bass).

Huxley – Peter Edwards (bass).

Idiom – Paul Hull (guitar).

Insanity's Mirror - Gareth Cox (guitar).

Iota - Cameron McIntyre - (Guitar & bass).

Jack vs Jill - Mark Squire (guitar) and Chris Allison (guitar).

Jag – Peter Edwards (bass).

Jettison – Rob Mould (guitar), Greg Mould (bass) and James Lawrenson (guitar & bass).

Kee Marcello - Matthew Scott (guitar).

Kick Superb - Jamie Roberts (bass).

Lean Mean Rock Machine – Rob Mould (guitar).

Little Unknown – Andrew Lambert (guitar) and Craig Taylor (guitar).

Lock In - Nick Young (bass).

Long Acre - Shane Moran (bass).

Lo Ryder – Charlie Watkins (guitar).

Lucent – Mike Brown (guitar).

Marks Set Go! - Chris Mahoney (guitar) and Owen Lloyd (bass).

Mayonaise – Paul Hull (guitar).

Mojo Rising – Darren Douglas (guitar & bass).

Mongoose – Paul Shepherd (guitar) and Shane Moran (bass).

Noise – Chris James (bass).

Noisecandy - Chris James (bass).

Nothing North of Alaska - Tim Miles (guitar).

Novello – Peter Edwards (bass).

No Reason - Andrew Lambert (guitar) and Craig Taylor (guitar).

Of Noble Blood – Gareth Jones (bass).

Open Ocean - Toby Evans (guitar).

Our Tomorrow - Toby Evans (guitar).

Paradox – Kenny Williams (guitar) and James MacArthur (bass).

Purple Thursday - Dan Morse (guitar).

Redagen - Nick Young (bass).

Rifles & Diamonds - Rhys Hicks (guitar).

Rothschild - James Neye (guitar) and Dan Black (bass).

Rubber Soul - Andrew Lambert (guitar).

San Andreas – Rhys Madley (bass & guitar).

Save Your Breath - Adam Parslow (guitar).

Section 8 - Dave Beasley (bass) and James Lawrenson (bass & guitar).

Seven Day Weekend - Matthew Scott (guitar).

Sexy Vegas Superstars – Gavin Dowding (bass).

Sheen - Chris Mahoney (guitar).

Shinobi – Paul Hull (guitar).

Sound System – Lewis Mitcham (guitar).

Stand-down – Rhys Jones (guitar).

Stoney Broke – Dave Powell (guitar).

Stormflies – Nick Thomas (guitar).

Succubi - Gareth Knychla (guitar).

T.B.A. – Andrew ? (bass).

TCR - Phil Honey (bass).

T.S. Blues Band – Jamie Wilkins (guitar) and Jeff Watkins (bass).

Target - Russ Chambers (guitar).

Ten Men Wide – Huw Evans (guitar).

The Amsterdam Scenario - Peter Edwards (bass).

The Beavers - Jon James (guitar) and Mark Squire (guitar).

The Belgians – Sassy Hicks (bass).

The Blues Sisters - Mike Reeves (guitar).

The Calm - Mark Harry (bass).

The Castouts – Adam Parslow (guitar).

The Cherry Beats - Dave Corten (guitar) and Andrew Smith (guitar).

The Darling Buds – Donna Matthews (guitar).

The Deltasonic Blues Club - Phil Honey (bass and guitar).

The Effect – Dave McCalden (guitar) and Chris James (bass).

The Fuzz Effect – Rob Mould (guitar), Greg Mould (bass) and James Lawrenson (guitar & bass).

The Guillotines - Chris Harding (bass).

The Kick - Cai Williams (bass) and Richard Lockyer (guitar).

The Luke Doherty Band - Luke Doherty (guitar).

The Mop-Top Beatles – Dave McCalden (guitar).

The Playground Jokers - Lloyd Warren (guitar).

The Poptones – Donna Matthews (guitar).

The Raging Monkeys – Dan Hone (bass).

The Red Ash – Gordon Maxwell (guitar).

The Renegades – Elliot Harris (guitar & bass).

The Scary Door - Matt Barnes (guitar).

The Six-Mile Riots – Cai Williams (bass) and Richard Lockyer (guitar).

The Sleep - Sassy Hicks (bass).

The Take Over – Tom Owen (guitar).

The Vestals - Rohan Bishop (bass) and Adam Parslow (guitar).

Them Bare Bones - Fedor Tot (guitar).

Three Below Zero - Matthew Scott (guitar).

They Walk Among Us - Dave Beasley (bass).

Today Or Never – Adam Parslow (guitar), Gareth Keys (guitar), Rohan Bishop (bass) and Kevin Murphy (bass).

Town - Jamie Roberts (bass).

Trailing Cables - Kieran Fradd (guitar).

Tribute To The Beast - Gareth Knychla (guitar).

Turner Street Crash - Phil Honey (bass and guitar).

Two Days Late - Richard Shellard (guitar).

2 Rude - Paul McCarthey (bass) and Mark Harry (bass).

Un4milia – Paul Hull (guitar).

Varispeed – Paul McCarthey (bass) and Dave Corten (guitar).

Warehouse - Mike Reeves (guitar).

Wilcox – Dan Bethell (guitar).

Wildge – Richard Weightman (guitar).

Wired - Mike Ellaway (guitar).

I also know of other pupils who have been in bands, but I’m not aware of the bands’ names. These include Ross Duffield, Steve Thomas, Richard Newick, Dave Livingstone, Mike Nash, Gareth Howells, Mike Collins, Steve Eustace, Robert Shaw, John Mason, Max Hughes, Nathan Hughes, Dave Williams, Keri Pearce and probably many more.

Anybody who can make a correction, fill in any of these band names, or anybody I have left out, please contact me and I will be happy to add the details to the list.


Yes, I have done, but only occasionally.

In September 2000, I began undertaking occasional tuition for Community Music Wales, in Cardiff, for musicians on the governments New Deal. If they had a client who needed tuition in my area, they would refer them to me. Sometimes they also put me in the studio with clients, to help with the performing on their recordings as well as the production. Sadly, as the New Deal was affected by cut backs, our association ended.

I have also taken occasional pupils for IMMTECH and for U.W.C.N. (University of Wales College Newport).

I have been offered the chance to go into schools and teach on several occasions, but as yet have always turned down the offers.


I’ve never kept a record, but it would probably be one of the following list:

Highway To Hell (AC/DC)
Hotel California (Eagles)
James Bond Theme
Paranoid (Black Sabbath)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)
Smoke On The Water (Deep Purple)
Stairway To Heaven (Led Zeppelin)
Sultans Of Swing (Dire Straits)
Sweet Child O’ Mine (Guns ‘n’ Roses)
Wonderwall (Oasis)
American Idiot (Green Day)
Wake Me Up When September Ends (Green Day)


How long is a piece of string?
This is a very difficult question to answer. I’ve had pupils who have shown what I consider obvious talent almost immediately and others who have not shown any for much longer, but the one common factor is that if it is there, it won’t take a great deal of time before begins to surface.

Some very young players can show far more talent than older players who have been playing for much longer if they are lucky enough to be more naturally gifted.
This does not mean that people who do not show this early natural talent will not make good players, it just means that they will have to work much harder, wait longer and even then cannot hope to reach quite the same level.

Also, different people have different ideas about what early ‘talent’ really is, but to compare ages with some players famed for their talent:

Gary Moore was just seventeen when the first Skid Row album was issued;
Eric Clapton joined The Yardbirds when he was eighteen;
When AC/DC recorded their first album in 1974, lead guitarist Angus Young was nineteen years old;
After three years or so of gigging around California, Edward Van Halen was still only twenty-one when the awesome first Van Halen album came out in 1978;
After two years of trying to get themselves signed, lead guitarist Slash was only twenty-two when Guns ‘n’ Roses released ‘Appetite For Destruction’ in 1987;
When The Beach Boys released their first recordings, all three Wilson brothers were still teenagers, with guitarist Carl only fifteen years old;
When The Beatles arrived in Hamburg, in August 1960, they were all still teenagers; George Harrison was still only nineteen when they released ‘Love Me Do’ and when The Beatles finally split in April 1970, after an incredibly prolific decade of song writing and performing, none of them had yet reached 30 years of age.

The above facts strengthen my belief that being ‘young’ is no excuse for anyone to play badly, or sing out of tune and that if you have the talent, although it is bound to mature and improve with age and experience, it will still show during your teenage years.

From my own personal experience, I was lucky to be involved with some great players when I was younger. The most creative original band I was ever involved with was Mad Hatter. When we began Neal was twenty-one, Tim and I were eighteen, Richi was seventeen and Jon was just sixteen.
I can still look back on Mad Hatter now and feel proud of what we created, despite our youth.


Yes, many and they fall into two definite categories –

People who know more than I do;

And people who think they do!!

Nick Brown - Guitar Tuition, Newport, South Wales.