Though it is a very rare occurrence, I can be available as a producer for both pre-production and recording sessions, though I must get to know any artiste before I am willing to become involved as their producer.

The rates I charge for production are dependent upon the situation and negotiable. I do not quote a rigid hourly rate.

I sometimes also do speculative production, whereby I agree to produce an artiste without being paid at all, on the understanding that if the artiste becomes successful I will be paid in the future. For this I use a standard agreement that fully protects both parties.
I am not willing to work speculatively without this agreement having been signed.

I do have my own studio, but I do not use it for commercial purposes, only for my own enjoyment, or for working with artistes I am producing speculatively.

(For details of my production experience please see the FAQ section).

Nick Brown - Guitar Tuition, Newport, South Wales.