Teaching is my full time job. All performing, production etc I do is as a sideline to my tuition. I am therefore usually available for tuition seven days a week.

My guitar tuition is based in Newport, South Wales.

I work as a private teacher, for either guitar or bass guitar. It doesn’t matter whether you play an acoustic or an electric instrument.

All my teaching is done on a one-to-one basis, unless a pair of friends wants to come together, but I do not teach classes.

There is no upper, or lower age limit for tuition. I have taught pupils aged as young as five and also taught pensioners. Possibility of success is linked to desire to play and amount of effort put in, not to age.

I charge £20 per hourly lesson. It does not make any difference if there are one or more pupils with me, as you pay for the hour of my time.

It is not a problem for any parent/guardian/grand parent/friend to be present during lessons, as there are additional chairs in my teaching room for exactly that purpose.

If you already have your own instrument I recommend that you bring it with you, as you will be more comfortable playing your own guitar.
I can supply instruments for the duration of the tuition, but not for pupils to take home and practice. So, you are welcome to come along for some tuition before you have your own guitar, but you will have to get one in order to practice and progress.

If you play an electric instrument, there is no need to bring an amplifier, or any leads along, as these will all be supplied.
I also supply all the paperwork required.

My teaching method differs from the conventional schools and colleges method in that I do not teach pupils to read music and do not teach to a set syllabus.
My teaching method is my own and I treat each pupil as an individual, teaching him or her accordingly.

All my tuition is based around the idea that it has to be fun to play and must not seem like a chore to practice, so to a certain extent I allow pupils to govern the direction of their tuition.
I can teach pupils correct playing techniques no matter what music they are attempting to play. Therefore, I encourage every pupil to bring along a tape/CD/mini-disc/iPod containing some of their favourite material, as it is far more fun for them to learn to play the music they most enjoy.

I do teach the theory of music, but I teach it in a very practical sense, without needing my pupils to be able to read musical score.
In other words I teach musical theory as it applies to the guitar and it’s sound, not as it applies to written music on paper.

I am a member of The Registry of Guitar Tutors and although I am self-employed, I occasionally sub-contract to teach for ‘University of Wales College Newport’, ‘Community Music Wales’, ‘IMMTECH’ and ‘Speed Music’.
My tuition has also been recommended by ‘GM Music’, ‘Gamlin’s Music Centre’ and ‘Transpose Music Rooms’.

If you want to learn how to read music, or want to specialise in classical, or jazz guitar styles, I am not the right teacher for you.
Neither do I specialise in upright, fretless, or slap bass techniques.
I cover any other form of guitar/bass tuition you may require.

(For more details of my tuition please see the FAQ section).


Nick Brown - Guitar Tuition, Newport, South Wales.