I play both guitar and bass guitar and I also sing.

I am available for live performances, or recording sessions, as may be required.

I am comfortable in a ‘dep’ situation (deputising for an absent member of a band) and willing to play with little or no rehearsal and at short notice, if I am available.

I am happy playing guitar or bass for most kinds of music, though I am not available for specialist classical, jazz, or metal playing and I am not available for any ‘reading’ performances (though I am happy to read chord charts).

Vocal wise, I am primarily a harmony singer, from bass lines to top end falsettos, though I am comfortable singing lead vocals too, providing of course they fall within my ‘full-voice’ range.

I do not quote a definite rate for performing, but treat each situation on its merits and I’m happy to agree rates for each individual situation.

(For details of my live experience please see the FAQ section).

Nick Brown - Guitar Tuition, Newport, South Wales.